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[[File:OntoRail-Main_Panel_relations.png|1024px|OntoRail Main Panel relations]]
[[File:OntoRail-Main_Panel_relations.png|1024px|OntoRail Main Panel relations]]
For further details on the usage of the relations panel, see [[Relate]].


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OntoRail knowledge engine - user documentation

The present Wiki documents the contents of the User's Guide of the OntoRail knowledge engine.

OntoRail main functionalities

The OntoRail knowledge engine is offering four main functionalities:

  • Import: import of ontologies into the OntoRail internal RDF knowledge graph,
  • Browse: visualization, navigation and search in ontologies,
  • Relate: establishment of relations between concepts across ontologies using a controlled vocabulary,
  • Export: provide external access to the knowledge stored in the OntoRail knowledge graph.

OntoRail main panel

The interface of the OntoRail web application is divided in three parts:

  1. a menu bar
  2. a panel displaying the available source ontologies
  3. a panel dedicated to creating and editing relations between concepts

OntoRail Main Panel overview

Menu Bar

The Menu Bar offers access to the following functionalities:

  • User's Manual (this Wiki)
  • Download of:
    • source ontologies
    • OntoRail relations and OntoRail vocabulary
  • SPARQL endpoint
  • User Login (some functionalities are limited to logged-in users)

OntoRail Main Panel menu bar

Source ontologies panel

The Source ontologies panels provides an overview of all sources visible to the user as well as access to a global search across ontologies.

OntoRail Main Panel sources

For each source, a details panel provides:

  • a link to the official documentation of the source
  • version info on the source
  • a concise description of the source
  • an overview of the contents of the source in terms of number of packages / classes, number of properties, ...
  • an access to the Tree Browser widget to visualize the source in a hierarchical tree browser
  • an access to the Graph View widget to visualize the source as a connected graph

OntoRail Main Panel source details

Relations panel

The Relations panel offers functionalities for:

  • the creation
  • the edition
  • the deletion

of the links created with the OntoRail tool.

OntoRail Main Panel relations

For further details on the usage of the relations panel, see Relate.

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