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[[File:OntoRail-Main_Panel_modules_overview.png|1024px|OntoRail Main Panel overview]]
[[File:OntoRail-Main_Panel_modules_overview.png|1024px|OntoRail Main Panel overview]]

==== MediaWiki help ====
==== Menu Bar ====
[[File:OntoRail-Main_Panel_menu_bar.png|1024px|OntoRail Main Panel menu bar]]
==== Source ontologies panel ====
[[File:OntoRail-Main_Panel_sources.png|1024px|OntoRail Main Panel sources]]
[[File:OntoRail-Main_Panel_source_details.png|1024px|OntoRail Main Panel source details]]
==== Relations panel ====
[[File:OntoRail-Main_Panel_relations.png|1024px|OntoRail Main Panel relations]]
'''MediaWiki help'''

* [https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/MediaWiki MediaWiki home page]
* [https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/MediaWiki MediaWiki home page]

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OntoRail knowledge engine - user documentation

The present Wiki documents the contents of the User's Guide of the OntoRail knowledge engine.

OntoRail main functionalities

The OntoRail knowledge engine is offering four main functionalities:

  • Import: import of ontologies into the OntoRail internal RDF knowledge graph,
  • Browse: visualization, navigation and search in ontologies,
  • Relate: establishment of relations between concepts across ontologies using a controlled vocabulary,
  • Export: provide external access to the knowledge stored in the OntoRail knowledge graph.

OntoRail main panel

The interface of the OntoRail web application is divided in three parts:

  1. a menu bar
  2. a panel displaying the available source ontologies
  3. a panel dedicated to creating and editing relations between concepts

OntoRail Main Panel overview

Menu Bar

OntoRail Main Panel menu bar

Source ontologies panel

OntoRail Main Panel sources OntoRail Main Panel source details

Relations panel

OntoRail Main Panel relations

--- MediaWiki help