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An essential goal of OntoRail is to facilitate the establishment of relations between concepts in the aggregated ontology in order to foster digital continuity between models. To serve that need, the following functionalities are supported:

  • create a relation between two concepts,
  • search / filter existing relations,
  • edit / delete an existing relation.

Relation types

Currently the following relations are available:

ontorail:hasSource, skos:relatedMatch, skos:closeMatch, skos:exactMatch, skos:narrowMatch, skos:broadMatch, owl:equivalentClass, owl:inverseOf, rdfs:seeAlso, rdfs:subClassOf

Establish a relation

OntoRail enables the establishment of relations between two concepts present in the aggregated ontology through a predicate chosen amongst a controlled vocabulary. This functionality calls on three individual windows to function:

  • the main page of the OntoRail web application
  • two Tree Browser windows, i.e. one window per concept.

The relations creation workflow is as follows:

  1. selection of the concepts to be related in their respective sources through the Tree Browser
  2. selection of the predicate to apply to the proposed relation
  3. addition (optional) of a comment
  4. selection of the status of the proposed relation
  5. addition of the relation into OntoRail

Please note that adding relations is restricted to logged-in users to allow traceability.

Addition of a relation: selection of the concepts to be related (step 1) Addition of a relation: selection of the relation predicate (step 2) Addition of a relation: additional information on the relation and saving it (steps 3-5)

Search / filter relations

Existing relations can be searched / filtered (for example to identify whether a given concept has already been studied before) and the search can be restricted to a subset of the source models for convenience.

Filter relations created in OntoRail

Edit / delete relations

An existing relation can be edited, for example to re-qualify the relation (i.e. the predicate) or to change its status (for example from Under Review to Accepted). Edit a relation created in OntoRail