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The interface of the main page of the OntoRail web application is divided in three parts:

  1. a menu bar
  2. a panel displaying the available source ontologies
  3. a panel dedicated to creating and editing relations between concepts

OntoRail Main Panel overview

Menu Bar

The Menu Bar offers access to the following functionalities:

  • User's Manual (this Wiki)
  • Download of:
    • source ontologies
    • OntoRail relations and OntoRail vocabulary
  • SPARQL endpoint
  • User Login (some functionalities are limited to logged-in users)

OntoRail Main Panel menu bar

Source ontologies panel

The Source ontologies panel provides an overview of all sources visible to the user as well as access to a global search across ontologies.

OntoRail Main Panel sources

For each source, a details panel provides:

  • a link to the official documentation of the source
  • version info on the source
  • a concise description of the source
  • an overview of the contents of the source in terms of number of packages / classes, number of properties, ...
  • an access to the Tree Browser widget to visualize the source in a hierarchical tree browser
  • an access to the Graph View widget to visualize the source as a connected graph

OntoRail Main Panel source details

For further details on the functionalities offered by the OntoRail web application for browsing one or more sources, see Browse.

Relations panel

The Relations panel offers functionalities for:

  • the creation
  • the edition
  • the deletion

of the links created with the OntoRail tool.

OntoRail Main Panel relations

For further details on the usage of the relations panel, see Relate.