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The OntoRail knowledge engine supports external access to the knowledge stored in the OntoRail knowledge graph though two major means:

  • downloads of files,
  • use of the SPARQL endpoint.

Both are accessible from the Menu Bar. Access to the export functionalities

Files download

OntoRail makes accessible for downloads:

  • RDF/Turtle files of each source ontology
  • RDF/Turtle file of the OntoRail vocabulary
  • RDF/Turtle file of the OntoRail relations, i.e. relations which have been created between concepts through the OntoRail interface

OntoRail files download

SPARQL endpoint

The OntoRail knowledge engine provides a SPARQL interface to query the OntoRail aggregated ontology which relies on the GraphDB workbench. The OntoRail knowledge engine supports SPARQL 1.1 (see W3C SPARQL 1.1 overview page).

OntoRail SPARQL endpoint

For further details on the use of the SPARQL endpoint, you may notably refer to the GraphDB documentation.