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The OntoRail knowledge engine supports multiple means to visualize, navigate and search ontologies that have been imported into its RDF knowledge graph.

Global Search

The OntoRail knowledge engine supports the import of multiple ontologies into a RDF knowledge graph and each of those ontologies may be imported in multiple versions. To support searching through a potentially large set of concepts, OntoRail implements a Global Search functionality which allows to search across a subset or all ontologies that have been imported. It is acessible from the main panel.

Access to OntoRail Global Search from the Main Panel

Once invoked, the Global Search widget allows to:

  • select (filter) the ontology or ontologies that will be the object of the search
  • provide a search term

The results are displayed below, ordered by ontology. The search results are hyperlinked so that they may be consulted in the Tree Browser.

OntoRail Global Search window

Hierarchical view (Tree Browser)

The Tree Browser provides a searchable hierarchical view over a source ontology and its concepts. It can be accessed as a consequence of using the Global Search or when invoked from an ontology subpanel on the main page of OntoRail.

Access to the OntoRail Tree Browser for RailSystemModel from the Main Panel

It provides a rich, hyperlinked & unified browsing of source models with quick access to:

  • the official documentation page of the model
  • a tree view of the model packaging structure
  • the entity high-level description (where retrievable)
  • the entity properties
  • the entity documentation page (where retrievable)

as well as search functionalities allowing to quickly navigate models that can be quite comprehensive.

Overview of the OntoRail Tree Browser window

Graph view

The graph view of the OntoRail knowledge engine is provided by the Visual Graph functionalities of the GraphDB Semantic Graph Database.

It provides a graph view of the relations between the concepts of an ontology (here, the RailSystemModel)... Graph view of the RSM model ... but also between concepts of multiple ontologies (here, the concept of VehicleStop). Graph view of the VehicleStop concept and relation between models

For details on how to explore the Graph view, please refer to the GraphDB documentation.